Cindy Conroy: Bio


Cindy Conroy is a fashion stylist and TV fashion expert based in Toronto. She brings her signature aesthetic and energetic personality regularly to etalk and The Marilyn Denis Show. She has also been featured on BT Toronto, CP24 Breakfast and in House and Home.

But her love for fashion runs deeper than the latest trends – she is motivated by the opportunity to help people embrace their bodies and reframe their wardrobe as a tool for self-expression. Cindy brings this passion to the stage as a public speaker, using her voice to promote messages of positivity, inclusivity and empowerment.

In addition to her commercial and editorial work, Cindy works one-to-one with a select number of clients.


Style Philosophy

Some say style is an innate quality you are born with. A gift. But I believe it’s a much more fluid pursuit – ever evolving, just as you are. One thing I know for sure: style is personal. And if clothing is a visual expression of who we are, what is it you want to say?

I obsessively mull-over fashion magazines and stylish photos. I devour streetstyle, entertainment and runway “moments”. My eye is always wandering. I’m always on the lookout for special pieces and unique items that give a bit of a spin to an otherwise classic look. I’m forever dreaming of colour combinations, silhouettes and new ways to drape and cut clothing.

Let my inspiration and creativity be your resource.

I was scrolling through Cindy’s Instagram account and saw a picture of a stylish green blazer.

I wanted it immediately.

I reached out to her and before I knew it, she had coordinated everything and I was having my measurements taken. I decided to splurge and get the complete suit. Cindy walked me through the whole process from the intro to debating the size of the lapels. I trusted her and she delivered. This suit looks amazing. I get a lot of compliments on it and it fits like a glove. I was particularly impressed with her imagination and the great advice she gave me on what to combine with the suit. It was a truly unique experience.
— Chris B.