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My fashion talks are so much more than just a discussion about trends. Clothing and accessories have the power to transform your life and bring magic and confidence to your everyday. I tap into this with each of my speaking engagements. Here’s some of what I do:



Panelist; Keynote Speaker



It’s way more than chatting about what’s on trend this season, showcasing outfits for different body types or where to buy the top looks. I talk about real fears and emotions each of us have. From constantly highlighting our “flaws” to mastering true confidence in what we offer the world, to the pressure to meet unrealistic body goals and everything in between! I want my talks to be a healing experience, because I KNOW women need it. We’re all sisters and we have to help each other feel capable, confident and beautiful!

Cindy created a safe and extremely needed space for us to share and bond with our perceived imperfections. I am looking forward to Cindy leading more of these discussion, because you left us all feeling beautiful with the skin we were born in. I literally talked to myself the next morning and gave my self a pep talk before i started my day and it felt great. Thank you...Truly.
— Nunu: Attendee

Event Hosting

Host or Co-Host

Speeches: Corporate Audiences

chatting about an array of topics from:

How clothing choices impact employees’ non-verbal communication, the importance of dressing the part, commanding authority and respect through wardrobe, etc.

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